Jobs in Pakistan Petroleum Limited

Jobs in Pakistan Petroleum Limited

The followings vacant positions at PPL Pakistan.
  1. Manager Corporate Communications & Community Development
  2. Senior Security Officer / Security Officer

Job title: Manager Corporate Communications & Community Development

Job specifications:

  • Able to develop strategic content, maintaining strategic and wide ranging contacts in media (print, electronic, social and online) for building and maintaining a positive image of the company as well as proactively deal with repute threatening content and media coverage  
  • Capable of generating and capitalizing on available opportunities for coverage of company news and management viewpoint in media
  • Able to ensure timelines, editorial quality and integrity of all publications and outreach material
  • Capable of interacting with relevant media professionals for company’s projection also during events at office and field locations
  • Possess capacity and experience to conduct analysis of daily monitoring of media to sift information affecting the company and formulate a strategy to project a positive image of PPL
  • Able to devise useful, cost effective and sustainable development projects and policies for the wellbeing of resident communities by maintaining liaison with oil and gas industry, community representatives, local notables, federal/ provincial government departments and nongovernmental/ civil society organizations
  • Capable of ensuring timely fulfilment of company’s social welfare obligations and judicious utilization of funds under its community development plan and to address local grievances or complaints by regulators and local stakeholders
  • Able to build and improve PPL’s image as a people and environment friendly organization through corporate social responsibility programme
  • Capable of building and effectively managing efficient team for corporate communications and community development related matters 


Job responsibilities:

This position will report to General Manager Shared Services and be responsible for implementing an effective Corporate Communications Strategy for fulfilling outreach requirements to project a positive image of PPL among stakeholders, including media, using available communication tools. The job holder will also be responsible to plan, coordinate and execute company’s community development programmes in areas of its operations and interest to fulfil its social development responsibilities.

Job qualification:

Master’s degree in integrated marketing communications/ digital media & communications/ business administration and mass communication from a well-reputed local or foreign university recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan with at least 16 years of relevant experience.

Job title:  Senior Security Officer / Security Officer

Job Specifications:

  • Able to carry out security assessment of fields/ locations and suggest measures to improve safety and security of company's assets for continuation of its operations
  • Capable of keeping abreast with changing security conditions through continuous liaison with relevant agencies and implement measures to thwart threats
  • Able to ensure fool proof and sustained security of the field and it’s all installations by deploying appropriate strength of security personnel.
  • Capable of maintaining liaison with local influential and notables to manage operational security and tackle day-to-day security issues
  • Able to travel to company sites and perform duties at remote locations all over Pakistan
  • Capable of ensuring strict vigilance and adopt appropriate measures to avert encroachment of company's land and property
  • Able to implement existing security plan and carry out its periodical review for updating various SoPs and procedures
  • Capable of arranging/ carrying out investigation of all incidents, involving breach of security, theft and sabotage and pursue these issues with relevant police station for their logical conclusion

Job duties:

The position is responsible for implementing and enforcing security policies and procedures as well as protecting company’s assets, personnel and facilities. The job holder will plan and arrange field security services and negotiate with area locals and government departments to tackle day-to-day security issues.

Job qualification:

Retired Lt. Col/ Major or equivalent rank of armed forces with minimum 15 years of experience (for Senior Security Officer). Retired Major / Captain or equivalent rank of armed forces with minimum 12 years of experience (for Security Officer). The candidate should possess at least a graduate degree from a reputable local or foreign institution/ university recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

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