Taiwan INTENSE Program 2024 Education Exhibition (STEM, Finance, Semiconductor)

The Taiwan INTENSE program is a partnership between the Taiwanese government and leading companies to create skills and development in key sectors such as STEM, finance and the semiconductor industry. The program  provides  support  to international students throughout their academic  careers, includding tuition fees  and living expenses as well as  internships and later employement opportunities in Taiwan. 

Taiwan INTENSE Program 2024 Apply Online

Students of the program benefit from school-business cooperation and also provide  paid  internship opportunities according to the needs of  the business during their education. The Two-Year  program focuses on improving the skills and cooperation of  government and businesses in terms of  participation in  planning and registration processes. 

Targeted financial support, government scholarships including airfare, administrative fees, quality of study aid based on good langauge  skills. Companies provide additional support through monthly stipends and internships fostering practical experience and facilitating post-graduation employment in Taiwan. Collaboration between academia and industry ensures the relevance of educational programs to current industry needs.

How to Apply

Please visit the official website of the Taiwan INTENSE Program for all the required information here (https://intactbase.csu.edu.tw/SpecializedClass)